4 Tips On Capturing Yummier Food Snaps

People today are quite keen on taking photos of their food, trying to document every dining experience that they have. But to be an Instagram star, you need to ensure that your food snaps are enticing enough to check your profile and like your food photo.

An expert food photographer in Abu Dhabi provided a set of tips that you can use to make sure that your food photo will be an outstanding masterpiece that you can be proud off:

  1. Be creative with your plating

One of the keys to a successful snap is creative styling and plating. Most of the time, restaurants already have a plating design for each meal. You can probably fix a little of the plating design depending on your preference. Be sure to use props to make your plating design enticing. Since you have limited resources with you, try to make do of what you have – from your cutlery to the condiments available in the table.

  • But keep it simple

Although plating and setting up the table can be an exciting activity, you need to keep it as simple as possible. Trying to make your plating complicated will only make the composition a little bit confusing to the eye. Keep your setup clean and uncomplicated. You need to keep in mind that the star of the pic is the food. If you put too many elements in the composition, they will outshine the food. The simpler, the better.

  • Use some light

Lighting is a photographer’s best friend. They need ample light to ensure that you will capture the beauty of the dish. If your table is near the window, try to take advantage of the natural light. If it is nighttime, try to find the right angle where the food will look adequately-lighted. You can use the flash of your phone, but it might affect the look of the photos. Try to use it cautiously.

  • Put a human element to it

Although posting the photo of the food solely is okay, putting a human element to it will make it a bit realistic. Try to include photos of people eating the dish or having a taste of it. It will make the photo look more engaging to the eyes of the people. The photo of you or your subject enjoying the food will make a big difference.

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