Pretty Kitchen Decor

If you are a person who loves decorating and designing interiors then ‘Charity starts from home’ fits best on you. You can start your journey of decorating from your very own home kitchen and then gradually expand your exposure.

To help you achieve that pretty look for your kitchen, we have packed a few tips and tricks which will do the magic for you.


We cannot emphasize more on using racks and racks and racks. No matter how many racks you use, it will still look pretty as compared to a stocked up mess on kitchen islands. Use a new rack for every category of utensils with kitchen furniture in Dubai.

Flexible Furniture

We are standing in the 21st century and the world is advancing rapidly with new innovations and these innovations are also applied to kitchen design Dubai, where several hide away racks and flexible table cabinets are used to save up space for storage.

Counter with shelves

This idea is usually compared with cabinets, but that is not the look that we are aiming for to achieve right now. Try making open shelves inside your counter. These shelves will not only give a unique touch but it can also become another storage space to display your pretty utensils or china crockery, or maybe simply use what a shelf is used for – storing cookbooks.

Light Colors

It is simple and very understood that a small kitchen with dark colors will not go very well unless paired with good shining bright LED lights. While big kitchens are best for taking risks with bold colors not only in the kitchen but all around the house with different color schemes.

Complete package

If your kitchen is very tiny and you are looking at all possible ways to save up space then you might want to consider choosing such stovetops which comes with an oven. Try finding minimal machinery items such as not a very large microwave or small beater, waffle maker or a sandwich toaster. Market is full of pretty little things which can get your work by occupying very little space.

Skip Dining Tables

This is a very practical advice if you want to work on it. Dining tables are not necessarily needed to be placed in kitchens, you can completely skip that step and still get your work done.