All You Need to Know About Canvas

The Mona Lisa and paintings from Van Gogh, all has been made on canvas. Canvas was used by people who traveled for thousands of miles and came back with a map in their hands. People used to use inks made out of natural colors or blood and they made pictures of mountains and islands on the map, just that the next generation could travel and explore the world. All the scriptures of the ancient world that told that everything a history was made on canvas. This is still used by artists and even clothes designers as well for embroidery and making latest fashion designs.

But since everything has advance, so has the canvas. Did you ever thought you could get a painting of yourself on a canvas for just some dirhams? Of course, you didn’t give it a thought, but this is happening. It is simple, just get the best photo of yourself, or get the photo you like the most. Take it to the nearest printing shop and ask them to give you a canvas of it. And believe it or not, just like a painting, you will the result in the matter of 10 minutes or less. Yes, this will be just like a painting on canvas which when you will put it in the room or the living room, no one will guess that this is not a real painting.

You can even get it framed and it will look more like a painting and no one can ever guess. The frame not only protects the canvas but also makes sure that moist and dust doesn’t reach the painting as well. This printing on the canvas is done by huge and powerful printers, they print your photo on a canvas just like an original painting. The regular one can cost less but the perfect one can cost more money and more time as well. You should also know that the image printed on the canvas will be permanent. Even the old photos can lose color and the photos in the phone can be deleted but this will remain with you for life. Canvas printing adds more texture of colors and brings out the deeper colors in the photo as well. You can buy any kind of photo book in UAE and you can also get canvas printing in Abu Dhabi.