Tips to eat healthier food

Our eating choices matter a lot in life because food is what providing us energy to stay active and perform daily tasks but that does not mean that you need to eat everything healthy. The key is to consume enough healthy food that you need in order to spend an active day. If you eat more than your body needs in a day then it will probably add as a weight gaining ingredient which will not provide the same benefits. It is a good idea to eat a wide range of food which will help you to intake all sorts of calories and a variety of nutrients that you may not get from a single food.

Potatoes, bread, rice and pasta should make up a third of your daily meal because it contains starchy carbohydrate which will help you in maintaining the need of carbohydrate in your body. Some people think that starchy foods are usually fattening and that’s why they try to avoid it but the truth is, meals with starchy carbohydrates are considered a healthy fat.

The next tip is to eat your veggies – and fruits. It is suggested that at least 5 portions of fruits should be eaten all day long. There are no certain specifications about the form of fruits and vegetables that should be consumed so they can range from raw to cooked or boiled and even canned anything as long as its nutrients are preserved and you like eating them. If you wish to make juices then one glass per day will be enough if you are adding sugar as it can damage your teeth and body.

Fishes are high in omega and this is the reason white meat is recommended so much. Fishes are rich in vitamins and mineral and this is why we would suggest you eating it at least twice a week and maybe adding oily fishes sometimes as well. Add them to salads or fry them and eat, however you like. Just try avoiding added sugar and artificial flavours and coloring because they can really harm your body and ruin the idea of eating healthy. Healthy eating Dubai means to eat everything that you like and just add some healthy habits in between.

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