Tips to make a vegan cake

Vegan cakes are the one which do not have any kind of animal products in it. These products include eggs, milk, butter, dairy cream etc. These cakes are made basically for the people who are purely vegetarians that they do not eat any kind of any products and prefer vegetables. There are few bakers who provide vegan cake Dubai because these cakes are less in demand so they are not found easily at all the baking product places. People think that vegan cakes are far different than the normal cakes but this is not true. They are different in terms of ingredients but not in term of taste. To know differences about vegan and normal cakes see here now:

Ingredients: Vegan cakes do not have any animal product. These cakes are substitues of all the animal products. In normal cakes butter or shortening is used while in vegan cakes soy margarine or vegetable oil is used. In place of egg there are egg replacers available in stores which are used in vegan cakes. You can also make a vegan cake even without egg replacer while trying a different recipe. In normal cakes sometimes buttermilk is used like in red velvet cake, but while making vegan cake instead of buttermilk a tea spoon of vinegar is used with soy milk in order to get the exact taste like buttermilk.

Texture: In normal cakes the addition of eggs will make the cake fluffy, soft and lighter but it doesn’t mean that vegan cakes cannot be lighter. You can make these cakes lighter by changing the baking techniques. The way of beating and the temperature of oven should not be same like the normal cake. If you want your vegan cake to be fluffy and delicious like normal cake then keenly watch the temperature of the oven that it should be same throughout the baking time.

Taste: If you want your vegan cake to be delicious just like a normal cake then it is possible. You just have to take all the substitutes of normal cake ingredients and strictly follow the recipe. These recipes are available on the internet in different websites. You have to explore few websites to get that recipe which will hit you at the right place, follow that recipe and enjoy a delicious vegan cake.